Our Farm

Welcome to our farm. Our farm is managed by professional people who are passionate about fresh and high quality fruits and vegetables. We benefit from a wide range of soil types and climate to grow some of the most amazing fruit and vegetables.

Our Values




Our farm is currently implementing a regenerative agriculture strategy.  This approach increases the quality of fruit and vegetables and has a positive impact on both the agroecosystem and the natural ecosystem.


Enjoy our large selection of farm fresh products, as we offer fresh products really straight from our Dubai farm that is certified. We ensure you that we cultivate, nurture and maintain all goods naturally with our green thumb and our sincere hearts. It’s a click away and we will deliver it in your homes to savor our top of the line fresh produce.

We care for your health as we take care for our own. Taking our super foods is one way to help prolong our life and avoid the occurrence or development of chronic diseases. People who take this type of food are healthier since these are the guaranteed nutrientpowerhouses that pack large doses of antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins, and minerals.

Organic and Natural

We are farmers on a journey to transform agriculture, and produce the healthiest fruit & vegetables nature can grow.


241 Street Lebanon




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