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About Our Company

What we do in the VMI Farms is not a business-driven but a strive to encourage better eating habit in the local community. This passion serves as a motivation to produce vegetables, whichare full of healthy goodness and fresh to the core. Vicinity of the farm in Dubai gives us an Added advantage. Production, harvesting, shelving and getting to your Farm Fresh Organic produced on your plate does not take more than few hours!
At VMI Farms, we capitalize on our unique capability of establishing trust and transparency by keeping our doors wide open for all visitors from all walks of life to unleash the wonders of organic experience in our all-natural farm. This paves the way towards building solid connection with clients who can deal directly with our farms to explore how we do the life cycle of organic food production and validate our production techniques to ensure the highest quality and originality. This translates into fulfilling our vision and passionate belief that top quality organic products cultivate strong customer engagement and satisfaction


Our Mission

VMI Farms is committed to becoming   the supplier of choice, deliver excellence in customer service, supplying high quality Fruits, Vegetables and other products with the end objective of ensuring genuinely healthy food to all our customers. We strive  to be on the forefront of development as it relates to customers’ needs, global trends and industry requirements

Our Vision

VMI Farms is focused on  becoming  a world class company in the fresh Fruits & Vegetables supply industry by adopting innovative methods as it relates to Customer needs, global trends and industry requirements. Our strategy of partnering with the direct producers (Farmers) and customers will be the catalyst to make us the most reliable and trusted supplier of Quality fruits & Vegetables in UAE and MENA region.

Our Profile

Affordable Quality For All

DBL World General trading AL Aweer Dubai is one of the leading importer and exporter of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in UAE since 2009. DBL offers Fresh Fruits and Vegetables direct from farmers all over the globe. In July 2020 DBL joined hands with another successful company from UAE, VM Marine International Ltd ( a well known offshore Oil & Gas Marine company) to launch a new venture VMI Farms Foodstuff trading Ltd.

VMI Farms has been formed on principles of uncompromising quality, dedicated customer service and serving only the very best of fresh fruits and Vegetables. We bring you outstanding quality fruits and vegetables from their prime sources in all their natural freshness and taste.

We are striving to become a leading supplier of a diverse spectrum of fresh produce to five-star establishments, Class A retailers and premium establishments in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, and other MENA region countries.

We import fresh fruits and vegetables from over 20 countries around the world by air and sea in addition to sourcing locally cultivated produce from the U.A,E, Oman and Saudi Arabia.  Our Procurement team is constantly searching the markets across the globe to find the finest produce from the high-quality farmers and import a wide variety of fresh produce every week. Upon receiving the produce in UAE, our Quality Assurance team checks every product for conformity with our quality standards.

Our experience in handling bulk orders and meeting targets as per the given schedules help us in efficiently meeting consumer needs and providing them the quality at a very competitive price.

Deliver a positive impact on our environment

Regenerative agriculture means that we need to fix the ecosystems on our farms by:

  • Reinventing our production, packaging and delivery processes to minimise energy use and carbon emissions
  • Capturing as much CO2 as possible through photosynthesis

Our Values

Integrity, trustworthiness and honesty are integral to us as a company, We insist on  ‘Fair Trade ’ principles and ethical business practices that support the smallest farmer as well as the consumer.

We do not compromise on the quality of products we procure from our farmers and deliver to our retailers customers ,to the highest supply standards.

We strive to deliver Farm Fresh Vegetables & Fruits —no matter where you are.

Inspire change across the food industry

Regenerative agriculture means that we need to offer a scalable and attractive model to fix ecosystems on a global scale by :

  • Generating competitive returns

Reviewing customer strategy to achieve the true value of a regenerative fruit (customer base, branding and communication)

Sharing information about our processes and outcomes (agronomic, financial)

Our Supply Chain

Price and Quality are synonymous in fruit and vegetable production. We believe that quality starts from farming, the earth from which the farmer produces the Fruits & Vegetables. We achieve our quality through a rigorous selection of farms and partner Farmers who share our vision of  Affordable Quality, as well as our insistence on operating a short supply chain; an  efficient logistics system, and  cost effective storage facility that underscores our commitment to fast, fresh delivery with value for your money. All our suppliers are certified producers and growers who meet the farming and environmental standards in their respective countries. We source the finest quality of fruits & vegetables from various   farms / ranches from across the globe. Our extensive network of trading companies across the world in collaboration with our Supply chain follow a synchronized system to ensure consistent supply of finest  quality produce throughout the year. Once the products reach the ports, they are delivered to cold storage facilities equipped with the latest refrigeration and food storage technology. At every stage our Quality experts ensure product sustainability and high-quality standards. There are no compromises and our team consistently guarantee delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Another Key element in our quality control process is Traceability. This ensures safety of your health in consumption of the   fruits and vegetables as well as  better customer service. We follow through supply chain and reverse the process which allows the products to be traced back up the chain. Traceability remains the responsibility of the company which extends throughout   the whole supply chain.

Our Team



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We are farmers on a journey to transform agriculture, and produce the healthiest fruit & vegetables nature can grow.


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